Below is a list of the applications I done. They are all public with source downloadable. I made them available on Codeplex. I have used all applications myself in production environments but they are provided as is. I can’t guarantee anything since I haven’t really tested them in every conceivable  situation. I try my best to make sure that they at least make no harm to a system.  Feel free to make improvements or make comments if there is something you feel is wrong or can be done better.

SharePoint AuditEnabler
(Windows application)
A small application to change audit flags in multiple site collections and multiple webs.

SharePoint Export Audit Events to Database
(Windows application)
A small application that iterates the audit log for all site collections in a web and saves them to an external database.

Host manager (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
(Windows application)
For management of the host file. Practical when working in a load balanced Environment where you want to see what I specific server is showing or when you use the same DNS for production and development

ExportSharePointUsers (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
(Windows application)
This application connects to a SharePoint server (2010) and iterates all site Collections in web application and exports site Collection information and all users. It iterates AD Groups to get all users from them as well.


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