Host manager

Windows application
HostManager1 For easy management of the host file. Practical when working in a load balanced Environment where you want to see what I specific server is showing or when you use the same DNS for production and development.

It places itself in the notification area.

Right click gives access to the application and easy switching between different host file configurations.
When changing configuration the application tries to perform an IPconfig/flushdns


It makes a backup of the original hostfile and can be configured to restore the original configuration on exit.





It’s easy to create and modify different host file configurations. The configurations are stored as text files in folder beneath the application folder. Its possible to modified them directly.HostManager4

The application has been tested in windows 7,8 and 8.1. I tried to not add to many features since I want the application to do one specific thing.

When working with your host file it’s important that your browser isn’t using a proxy since that could cause the host file to be disregarded.


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